Kuusamo Day 1 and 2


Day 1

Travelling day, 1st fight from Heathrow to Helsinki, where i met up up with most of the guys then the 2nd flight to Kussamo and a short coach ride to Oivanki activity center.


We had quick introductions to the delegates and the group leaders and then off to bed. The temperature was -25 degrees.

Day 2

I woke up to an outside temperature of -35 but as the day went on clear blue skies warmed everything up to -10. The first activity was the obligatory name games and ice breaking games which ended up in real ice breaking in teams, we had to smash a huge block of ice in 5 mins in small teams. Then having picked up our snow shoes we went on a walk around their stunning woodlands



then back for an introduction to the organising body Youth in Action. We finished the afternoon by gathering snow in some big heaps and driving sticks in to the outside as depth gauges ready for our snow cave building tomorrow.


The evening activity was a Partnership “Market” where we got the chance to present our projects and try to find other international projects to create further work with. We finished the day with a sauna.

Days 3/4 coming soon as some of the more hardened of us will be in the snow caves tomorrow night…oh yeah bring it on!!


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