Off to visit Santa

Sorry we have been a bit lame recently in updating the blog. ( I will get round to uploading the photos of our last forey into the woods) but we have been busy getting ourselves ready for and awesome opportunity that has presented itself we have been selected to take part in an international event on youth work in outdoor education. The event takes place in Kuusamo Finland on the border of Lapland. The delegates are from all over Europe and this will give us the opportunity to collaborate on activities and courses for young people this could include international partnerships and youth exchanges. Unfortunaly only one of us can take part so its Uncle traveling Wildman off on another adventure. The temperature in Kuusamo is a mildly chilly -15 Celcius with a nightime temperature of -33 tonight (Brrrr) and yes i am taking my sleeping bag hoping that i can experience a new enviroment to conquer / run away to the warmth of the activity center. I will try to give daily updates if time allows and hopefully I will have some photos of my experience to share.

Well I’m at heathrow at the moment and just about to head to departures so for now its Wildman signing off.

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