A coppicing we will go…

Off to the woods again, this time to start preparations on our Andover youth work site. As we are still looking for a permanent site to run courses from we have had to beg borrow and steal (well not steal that would be bad) woodlands to hold our events in. A local farmer has been kind enough to let us use his woods in exchange for some maintenance work, which suits us fine coz we get to play in the woods for a bit as well as being able to run some courses there. We are did this last year as well and we are both quite excited to see if the work we did last year has let in a bit more light and is starting to promote a bit more growth rather than the dingy woodland floor it was before we started. The woodland itself is a hazel copse with oak trees spaced throughout it and has been mainly untouched for many years, its very close to the archaeological site of a Roman villa and has features from the farming techniques of that era which we are trying to restore. Following the ethos of our Bushcraft school we wanted to stay as close to primitive methods as we can so we have have opted for saws and axes, but after last year I think I’m gonna go for my chainsaw licence at the earliest possible point! But until then it’s sweating and sawing, sawing and sweating – as usual i’ll post some photos when we get back, (hopefully not of the sweating).

Have fun


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