Ahhh.. Thats better


Well that was most enjoyable. Good food, good company and the weather wasn’t too bad -6 degrees Celsius with 2 inches of snow over 2 hours and a bit of sleet. It nearly all went horribly wrong when I kicked the milk over within the first hour but living the scout motto of “be prepared” I’d brought a spare one with me.

We started with a keyhole fire pit


This gives you a good size fire while allowing you a place to cook where you don’t get cooked yourself, but like the best laid plans of mice and men things don’t always go to plan and the wood was burning to ash way to fast to build up a good base to cook on so went for old faithful and now my hands are free of those annoying hairs.


Food was a “cupa” soup followed by beef stew then for breakfast we had “opulent omelettes” (I’ll do a recipe for these later) and coffee porridge. Hedgehunter got a survival card game for xmas which passed the time nicely (although we still question a few of their answers)


All in all an awesome time and I’m looking forward to my birthday one on the 1st of Feb where we will hopefully encourage a few more brave souls out to the woods.


Good woodsmen leave no trace.

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